About Us

Can you slip your hands in the pockets of Integrity? Can you pull on Commitment? Can you button up Discipline, or fold and pack Determination? Can you wrap yourself in passion?

At ThunderBay we believe clothes make more than a fashion statement, we believe they make a statement about who you are. That they stand for what is inside you, what you’re about.

ThunderBay is about Lacrosse. This sport was part of our country before the U.S. was a country. It was played by the Original American Athlete, and we’re inspired by the example of this Native American competitor all these years later.

Lacrosse is a hard sport to learn and a hard sport to play, and nobody gets rich playing it. But like a lot of worthwhile things in life, the journey and the struggle are part of the reason to do it. No it isn’t as popular as baseball or football, it may never be. That’s okay with us, because being Original is a good thing.

We believe in Lacrosse, we believe in the lessons it teaches us. Our clothes, our company, will represent this sport and these values.

That’s why our polo, our shorts, our tees, our hoodie, our belts and all other products are made with such attention to quality and design. We choose only the best materials, and make sure the fit and the feel are the industry standard. We made a Commitment to ourselves to make apparel better than the competition, better than the very best, and we had the Integrity to deliver on that promise.

Join us in being Original, in celebrating this sport, in standing up for what you believe in and then acting on it. Join us at ThunderBay.

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